One may be having a wish to have figures and items which are not sold openly in other stores. Like one may have the desire to have such figures for collection or playing and thinking of how to have it. The easiest way is to participate in a lottery that is held monthly in Japan.

The Selection of the Lottery to Be Played

There are many such lotteries played and one to decide carefully while selecting the one to be played. The below considerations would enable one to choose the best to have Ichiban Kuji Japanese Anime Box.

Countries where the items are shipped: One must have a look at the countries to which such items are shipped. If it is seen that the name of the country where one lives figures in the list then that site can be chosen to play the lottery.

Quick delivery: It must also be ascertained what time the organization takes to ship the Ichiban Kuji Japanese Anime Box to the place where one lives. It must not take much of a time as one definitely does not wish to wait for having the box after winning it.

Track the delivery: The site must allow tracking of the shipment. As they ship the box they must be sending a shipping confirmation mail with the details of how to track the shipment. If it is seen that such a facility is offered then only that site can be selected to play the lottery.

Terms of billing: It must also be ascertained how the organization will be billing. It is generally seen that reputed organizations bill one in US dollars. It must also be seen when they will be deducting the money from one. If it is seen that they have a fixed date then that organization can be chosen for a subscription.

Not only that it must also be ascertained that they have various options for payments and their payment gateway is secured. If all these match the taste of one then that organization can be chosen as the one to be relied on.

Refund policy: The organization to be selected must have a pre-defined refund policy in place. Like, if one finds that any item is missing or any item is broken or damaged then only a picture with a short description need to be sent to have a replacement. It must also be ascertained that they are quick in shipping for those refunds which may be required.

Special themes: The organization that needs to be selected must have special themes every month. The themes must be made public so that one desiring to have such can order. There also must be special boxes which will have special figures and statues which cannot be had anywhere else.

Cancellation of subscription: It must also be ascertained whether it is easy to cancel the subscription that is made.

If such features are present in a site then it can be relied on to have the best of figures and statues.


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