There are thousands of poker tips and strategies available to you online. One should question how effective any of them are, Will they work? Will you make a profit from such tips? In a word NO! You will never benefit from such techniques many of these so called strategies even contradict each other.

You may even be wondering why you are still reading? We here at Smart Poker Tips are about to release to you the best poker tip you will ever receive, at absolutely no cost at all to you. This tip is to sign up for a FREE account at Poker Room School, by doing so you are ensured of a profit the moment you sign up. Not only will you receive a free $150 in order to kick start your poker career, there is also a weekly free tournament with a total of $1000 prize money, this is available to you without even making a deposit. Just to make sure you are a happy customer Poker Room School will also provide you with free professional advise and coaching.

In order to start your poker career, we here at SmartPokertips would advise you to avail of the free classes, that cater for the beginner poker player to the advanced, not only do they have classes in texas hold’em (Limit and No Limit), they also ensure practice in Omaha and many more.

Along with these lesson you will find video tutorials, poker odds calculators, poker tip articles and a forum where you can discuss your game with fellow players and professionals. Go ahead perfect practice makes perfect.

Why would you risk your own money when you can get a free bankroll, free poker tips, coaching and free video tips and tutorials? Getting started is simple.Just, log onto PokerRoomSchool, sign up for a new account, making sure to enter your correct details, as PokerRoomSchool will contact you by telephone to confirm your details, and to welcome you to the school, before they will transfer $150 into your account. When this is completed you are ready to play. REMEMBER THIS OFFER is 100% FREE!.

We, here at Smart poker tips, advise you to try some of the Poker Room School lessons before you start playing, in order to Maximilian your chances of success, as they will improve your game and will instill the confidence you need in order to keep increasing your bankroll.


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