In order to be successful in online blackjack betting you have to understand the general mechanism of the betting. It is rather simple. So you may start with the minimum bet required at the blackjack table and receive your first card. Then after the rest of players receive their first cards, a dealer gives a second one. And after this players have a chance to increase their bets according to the cards they possess. Before you make any bet, you should clearly realize blackjack betting payout in order not to wager much more than you can win, otherwise the game will be senseless.

If you are not new in land-based or online blackjack casinos, you have definitely heard about blackjack strategies. Thus, basic strategy is widely applied in online blackjack betting, so when you just start your blackjack career you have to get acquainted with it. Blackjack “basic strategy” teaches a player how to play effectively according to the odds. There are special tables which help you to estimate your hands and give you certain prompts how to act. Using such tables you will clearly estimate your online blackjack betting odds and understand when to hit or to stand, to split or to double according to the hand you play and the dealer’s face card. If you operate basic strategy, you can get the most of your odds, increasing your winning chances. But basic strategy implies the basic knowledge you should possess at the start. When you master it, you should practice in other rules and acts like playing soft hands, dealing with splitting pairs, card counting.

Some blackjack betting system can be worthless, some can bring success, but anyway a good blackjack player should know them and make his own conclusions what may help him to increase his winning chances. Rather simple and fruitful blackjack betting system is progressive strategy which exists in two kinds. According to the positive progressive blackjack betting system a player should raise his bet winning and following to the negative one he should raise bets losing. These systems have different variations.

System Guide

Applying some “positive” betting strategy you do not need to have a large bankroll, you may start with two dollars and increase it to four dollars next time if you win. After a couple of more bets, you may start with two-dollar bet again. You should decide the maximum sum you can bet and when you should return to the starting amount.

Another “positive” betting system is based on pyramiding your benefit. Using such system you may start wagering any amount you want and when you win you should add to your original bet the won amount. Thus, if you originally bet ten dollars and win 15 dollars you should bet 25 dollars next time.

The famous example of the negative blackjack betting strategies is the Martingale system. With it you should bet one item and increase your wager if you lose.


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