People of Japan simply love to gamble. Much to the disappointment of the Japanese, the current government has banned sports-picks bonus throughout the country, with only a few exceptions. Sporadic protest movements occasionally take place through out the four islands of Japan, demanding the legality of casinos. The citizens and even several government officials have realized, that this ban is not only depriving the Japanese from a very interesting form of entertainment, Japan is also deprived from economic benefits received through gambling.

Japan is losing out to countries like China, Korea, and Singapore, where the government is gradually lifting up all the bans. Nowadays, Singapore not only attracts tourists because of its beautiful locales but also gambling. Macau is considered to be the paradise of gamblers in the east. The casinos and other gambling parlors in Macau is equally magnificent and king size as that of the Vegas. The reason behind the poor economic performance of the Japanese tourist industry is due to the ban of gambling games.

Members of Parliament in Japan, in favor of gambling, assert that the reason to back gambling is to provide the tourist with loads of entertainment options. Therefore, the legalized casinos should not only provide gaming facilities, but should also be equipped with theatres, restaurants, shops and even conference halls for business meetings. The Japanese government is, however, wary about the legalization of gambling. According to them, gambling has several negative impacts on the society. It not only bankrupts people, many teenagers get addicted to the game. The number of gambling addicts has already increased to millions and the rates of criminal activities are soaring high. The government is in no mood to encourage it. The government also claims, Japan earns as much as seven trillion yen, which is equal to thirty three billion pounds annually from the few legal gambling games. The income through gambling is sufficient. These reasons are judicious and justified and therefore there are very little chances of gambling legalization in Japan in the near future.


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