Gambling comes in many forms and in most cases the odds are stacked against the punter. If the odds weren’t going in favour of the house, there would be no sports betting websites or casinos. Betting on a sure thing means that your odds will be short and only sometimes will your punts on the outsider with better odds come in to pay you off. Poker is different if you know what you are doing.

There is an element of skill in the game, and because you are mostly playing against other opponents of equal chance the odds are more in your favour, hence you should keep your poker bankroll separate from your any of your gambling prospects.

There are plenty of sites out there that combine online casino gambling with poker, but having the ability to use your bankroll on both can affect the outcome of your poker. It is all too easy to get a big win on the poker and say “what the heck why not have a little flutter on the roulette”. Big poker wins should remain as big poker wins, so that money should be used on poker.

After a big poker win the chances are another win is on the way because you may be on an upswing with your card variation, and so the more cash you can gather during your upswings the more chance there is of stepping up in stakes and testing your poker ability against better players.

Most of the gambling come poker websites do have separate balances for each of your betting opportunities. However, there is still too much temptation in dipping into your poker bankroll. All in one gambling websites will have one main balance and 3 separate balances for each of its betting services. For example, a sports betting balance, a casino balance and a poker balance.

The money needs to be transferred from the main balance into one of the services, which seems safe enough to manage. Nevertheless, each balance can just as easily bet and this kind of habit can be detrimental to your poker balance.

An extremely valid suggestion by most poker players and gamblers alike is to keep your poker and gambling bankrolls on separate websites.

Try a site that is purely poker. There is nothing worse than not being able to play poker because you lost all your cash on the Blackjack or Craps tables. Poker is about exposure as well as money, and if you don’t have any money to play, you are limiting your exposure thus limiting your ability to build experience up in the game.

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