Even before the WSOP tournaments were televised around the world, Online Poker Rooms were busy making names for themselves as the number one destination to play poker online. It’s a whole new world to be able to virtually sit next to a player located on the other side of the world, and test your skills against him or her. It’s also quite different in that you have to rely on your skills more than normally because you can’t exactly ‘read’ your opponents ‘tells’. This is a lot of the draw for players though. You never know who you’ll be playing against, it could be a professional gambler you’ve seen on TV or it could be your next door neighbor. This just adds to the excitement in most players opinions.

Online Poker Rooms have opened up all new possibilities with endless tournaments, buy ins that range from low to high rollers level and the opportunity to win huge pots in some of the most exciting games to come along in the history of online gambling. The Poker Rooms that we feature on this site all have great software, provided by the worlds leading software companies such as Playtech, PartyGaming, Cake Poker, Chan Poker, Doyles, Duplicate and more.

Most Poker Rooms can be downloaded, but some offer versions right from their website where you login and are connected immediately. Each have many options for funding and withdrawing funds from your account in as safe and secure atmosphere, ensuring all of your transactions and your personal information is safe at all times.

Some of the largest Poker Rooms have big name poker celebrities playing and backing the Poker Rooms. You’ll seepoker strategies and articles also from some of the worlds top poker players, featured regularly on the poker websites. These are designed to give advice and help for new players or tips on strategies for those who’ve been playing for awhile but want to improve their game.

Forums and poker communities have sprouted up all over and these are great places to get tips and advice from seasoned players too. You’ll get inside views and opinions on the best Poker Rooms, they types of tournaments to play as well as upcoming events in the gambling community.

A walkthrough of a typical Online Poker Room would begin on the homepage of the website, where you’ll see all the games listed, in some cases there will be live tournament feeds that will let you scan all the upcoming tournaments and the table limits for each. You’ll also get valuable information about how to fund your account and information on how to claim bonuses and promotions.

Once you’ve downloaded and registered your account, it’s time to choose a table. Beforehand, set your budget and determine what your limits are. If you want to start with a small budget while you get your feet wet, always pick a table where the limits meet your budget or you’ll be out of money in a hurry, unless of course you’re one of those lucky people who can walk in and win a huge pot on the first few hands.


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