Each raid is a separate and unique story. You never know what awaits you. You can win, and you can fuck up everything that is possible because of that degenerate who did not heal in time or did not apply taunt when he should.

How does all this happen?

You are going to find 10-24 people, who are often just as screw-jobs as you are, and then go to stomp the ass of raid boss to death. Of course, this does not always end well and you have to dig out yourself of the grave and try again. Higher complexity will make your experience even more fun. The last raid was excellent as always. We dragged a lot of loot, and rofled hard.

What can I get on normal?

This initial difficulty is intended for those who have just started to go to raids and their hands are not yet straight enough. Here you can get 415+ level equipment, play on relaxed, learn the plot and so on.

Why it is worth carrying out raid in the company of guys from bestboost.club.

First, there are solid professionals on their team, without fear and without reproach. They drive raids every hour, starting in the first week! In their group is consistently 20-25 selected cutthroats who know firsthand how to beat the shit out of the boss. Further – more, going to raids casually, in the usual way, you will receive 2-3 items in one run. Thus, in order to collect the set of armor you need, dozens of hours of successful and not very good attempts will leave. Or you, like the tzar, buy from them run boost on normal, they will accompany and guard you, when the boss is killed, you will receive from 12 to 20 items. There were even cases when it was possible to gear up the client’s character in full gear in one run! Although you must pay more for this, but it is worth it. Who didn’t dream of wearing your character in TOP in one raid run!

Buying Eternal Palace normal run service is very easy!

Just go to bestboost.club website and select the service you need, they provide the services fullgear boost and bis boost. The first means that you get all the items that can dropped out of the boss, you get them for 4-6 runs, and if you choose bis boost, you choose which items you need, make a list. You get them for 4-10 attempts.

What type of service is better to choose?

It is best to choose the fullgear boost of course, since if you buy one run at a time, you will spend more money and time waiting for the items. If, nevertheless, you need only something concrete, well, the guys from the bestboost team will do everything according to the highest standards.

In addition to the above, you will receive:

– professional group of raiders;

– they do not use software prohibited equipment;

– everything can be recorded on video or stream to a Twitch or YouTube;

– a bunch of positive reviews on trustpilot.com, about 100.

Feel free to contact them, they will quickly wear up your character in TOP gear and you will be one of the TOP warriors on the server.

If normal to week for you you can buy eternal palace heroic raid run, and get ~430 item level boost.


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