Do you feel that you need to add some amusements to your pub that create more of an interest in your establishment? If so, you should contact a company that provides gaming machines and that will allow you to hire the equipment and enjoy increased profits.

Category Machines

Doing so will give your business an edge competitively once you find out more about each fruit machine hire in Fife and its category. The following listing gives you a better idea of the offerings:

  • Category C fruit machines can be placed in all licensed establishments. A pub can instantly receive two category C fruit machines when it notifies the local licensing authority in its community. These types of machines feature a stake of £1 and a jackpot of £100.
  • Category B3A machines are only designed for use in miners’ welfare institutes or members’ clubs. Therefore, you need to obtain a machine permit from the local licensing authority. Payouts are made at the bar with the issue of a winning ticket.
  • Category B4 fruit machines are available to private clubs and miners’ welfare clubs. Each site may request as many as three machines, provided that they have a permit.
  • Digital fruit machines represent the latest in gambling machine technology. Players can use touchscreens to play roulette, poker, and digital versions of popular reel games. These machines fall under Category C and Category B designations.

Quizzes and Trivia

Besides the above machines, you can also ask about trivia games. These games can be integrated with Category C fruit designs so patrons can get the best of both kinds of games.



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