What do you do when you are playing blackjack and at the edge of getting burnt? Do you draw or withdraw? Risk is mandatory is certain situation. And also something that men take. Or crazy people that do not know the consequences. Both are respected though, it doesn’t matter why, when the situation needs a decision, take one. Take the risk of getting the false decision, is what makes you.

Women want a man to be in control and protect them. That’s it. Ask her questions with a question, don’t give away too much, be vague and thus mysterious. What do you do in poker? Do it with a female. Learn to say vague things and to control your nonverbal cues, they give away everything you feel poker Speak only when there’s no alternative. Build her up and knock her down all the time. Alternate compliments and negative hits and make her anticipate what’s next. Say something a bit rude and then something nice. And vice –versa.

Think of any reason to initiate physical contact. Don’t be afraid to do that. A seemingly innocent touch, not grabbing. An accidental one. Most guys are afraid to do this. If you are waiting for her to allow it, then the game is lost. They want to be conquered. If you have in your vocabulary phrases like ‘waiting for your reply’, ‘shall I do this, that?’ taking permission from her is something you should never give permission yourself to allow happening. Giving your power to women is the biggest weakness and they do not admire anymore after that.


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