Casino Slot players can be very superstitious and many swear by the acts or rituals they go through in search of that big win. Rubbing the screen, holding a lucky charm, playing only on a certain machine that’s ‘due’ to payout, wearing a certain color or only playing on certain days of the week. All of this in an effort to entice Lady Luck. Does it work? Who knows!

I do know that these people do win occasionally, what’s to say that their charms didn’t finally pay off. Or maybe, it was hitting the spin button at precisely the moment that the winning combination was destined to come up, according to the random number generator. Not to say that it can be determined when the big slots win is coming. There are literally millions of numbers that equate to the symbols or combinations, all rapidly cycling and where they land is determined only when you hit that button. Yes, luck has a lot to say as to who wins. But playing strategically helps too.

There are no true strategies for playing slots, but there are things you can do to help you play the best game possible. Slot machines are set to payout at certain percentages, so it makes sense to look for online casinos that offer the highest payouts on their slots. Reputable casinos will post the payout percentages of all their games on their website. Playing at casinos that belong to ‘groups’ such as Microgaming, Playtech, Vegas Technology or RTG Casinos are a safe bet because the submit their casinos to regular auditing to make sure the games actually payout the percentages that meet their standards.

Another was to make sure you’re playing the best game possible is to take advantage of the higher payouts on certain slots by betting the maximum coin for the coin denomination of your choice. What this means is if you choose to play on a quarter game, and the maximum coin bet is 5 then always bet 5. When you get a winning combination, the payouts are better, allowing for higher wins.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing a slot game is hot or cold. It just doesn’t happen that way. And just because you continue to put money in, doesn’t mean you’re going to win. If you haven’t had any luck on that game, move to another game.

Bet with your brain not your mood. Set a limit that you can afford to lose and go in with the attitude that you’re just looking to have a little fun and not expecting to win the huge jackpot. Gambling can be very enjoyable but it can also make you forget yourself sometimes and bet with more than you can afford.

One last tip that we can give is that when you’ve won more than you put in, pocket your initial bankroll and play with the rest. This way you come out at least even and can come back to the games for another try.


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