It has been a lot of work – we’ve all put quite literally months of effort into this thing. It’s been my full time job since the start of April, and I’ve been testing casinos since November.

We are finally happy with the site, and are releasing it to the public. It’s a little scary but also very exciting.

Casino Hall finally launches!

We wanted to make a casino review site that was several steps above all the other “review” sites. You’ve probably seen them and know what I’m talking about.

We wanted real reviews, written with the player in mind rather than just cutting and pasting text from the casino’s Public Relations department.

We wanted to make this a player-friendly site. So you’re encouraged to rank the casinos – if we’re out of line, or things have changed with a casino, it will quickly become obvious.

We wanted to offer advice articles so you could win the most money possible. I’ve had one account manager tell me that “we don’t want informed players”. Sorry buddy, I do. This is a player focused review site, not a casino focused advertising site.

We wanted a site which looked good and had no popups, no javascript trying to trick you into downloading, no links that go where you don’t expect, or any other sneaky BS that greedy webmasters try and make a quick buck from. Quite honestly, if you don’t like our site, and don’t come back and use it again, I’ll feel like we’ve failed.

Not to brag too much, but I think we’ve done it.

We’ve tried out these casinos for real money, and tested their support and cashout procedures. We’ve read their player emails to get a feel for the quality of their promotions. In short, we’ve been there, done that, and got the carpal tunnel syndrome to prove it. We’ve reviewed our experiences, and also researched the casinos to check out what other real players have to say.

We’ve written some informative and entertaining articles (I hope) about most of the key aspects of online gambling. There are more to come, and we’re hoping to expand our content team so we can keep giving you, our visitor, the best service possible. If you have any requests, or comments, get in touch – that’s what the forum is for.

I’ve cuffed the tech guy on the ear every time he suggests putting in a popup, or a redirecting one of our links, or that I should “just copy the text from the casino site”. He looks a little like he’s been trying to hug Mike Tyson, but we’ve got an honest website. Actually, credit where credit is due, he very quickly came round to the idea that we should focus on the visitors’ needs, not the casinos wants.

So, welcome to Casino Hall, thanks for reading my self-indulgent news announcement. Stick around, things are only going to get better.


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