When you play Blackjack, this is one of the only card games or actually any of the casino games that has a bit of players control. When a player can decrease the advantage the casino has even to the smallest percentage by playing is called a basic player strategy. The strategy the player uses will allow him to decide whether or not he should hit, stand, split or double down. What makes the player’s strategy work is the player’s eye on his cards as well as the dealer’s cards that are faced up on the table.

Each hand depending on the cards given will depend on what strategy he will employ. No other game can a player control what he does. Poker is also a card game that can allow some strategy but when you don’t get the cards you need then the hand is over. With Blackjack, you are playing against the house not the other players. So all you have to do is concentrate on your cards as well as the card the dealer is putting down. That is partly what makes this game a bit easier to control.

There are many different types of strategy employed in this game because the combination of cards is limitless. One strategy is called the Composition dependent strategy. This is based on a player’s card total and the dealer’s cards that he can see. What happens next will depend on what the player has in their hands which is called the composition. The next move is composition dependent meaning the strategy they will use will all depend on what the make up of their cards are.

An example of composition strategy would be this, a player should normally stand when he is holding 12 against a dealer 4, but when playing a single deck game the player will want to hit if the hand has a 10 or a 2 to make up the 12 he is holding, the reason why is because the player wants to receive any cards other than a 10 if the player is hitting and the 10 that is in the players hand will be one less card to the dealer to pull out.

Keep mind that that there are different situations where either basic strategy will come in or the composition dependent strategy will come in. In addition the strategy will depend on whether or not there is a single or double deck. It there is a double deck then the house most likely will retain the advantage, because no matter how many other players are playing the chances of the higher cards being dealt is decreased because there are 2 decks.

When you are playing any kind of game whether it is Blackjack or Checkers, any good player will have strategies and there is nothing wrong with that because that is what a good player does to increase his odds of winning. The casinos have the advantage 80 percent of the time but if you take you time and think of your next move then you can turn in the advantage in your favor.


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